The 9th meeting of the Moscow Translation Club (MTC)

The Moscow Translation Club (MTC) held its 9th meeting. The topic of MTC-9 – “AI and Machine Translation” – attracted the attention of literally every participant of the event, due to its urgency: even now, artificial intelligence

provides active support for humans when solving issues in various fields. The industry of translation and localization is no exception: it makes active use of artificial intelligence already, and its use will only gain momentum in the future. The industry faces a problem: how should we use the new technologies to the good, with maximum benefits. The speakers and guests of the event had a chance to share their developments, solutions and considerations on this issue, both during their speeches, in the framework of discussions, and also informally.

The participants of the meeting had a truly unique opportunity to hear a report delivered by a most respected speaker, founder and general strategist of the Common Sense Advisory analytical agency, Donald A. DePalma. It was the first time that Donald has visited Russia with a report, and his first public speaking in our country was his speech at the plenary meeting of MTC-9, which is an honor to all members of the Club.

Further on, the event featured a series of speeches from industry experts. They gave their presentations in the framework of the major and technological branches, covering a broad range of topics: from using artificial intelligence in vendor management and practical approach to selecting a domain-adaptive NMT to continuous autopilot localization and correlation of VRI technical solutions. The major branch also featured an expert round table and a “Brain Ring” for small and medium translation agencies.

The diversity of topics and data representation formats appealed to everyone and gave food for thought. Opinions were exchanged right after the speech part when the participants summarized the year and awarded MTC prizes. An excellent entertaining program became a final accord of the meeting devoted to the New Year’s eve that united 130 representatives of the industry – from managers and employees of translation agencies to clients, freelancers and developers of specialized software. The atmosphere of the Moscow Translation Club meeting on the New Year’s eve was certainly magical and inspired its participants to achieve new goals and implement fresh ideas.

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