When you hang out with your colleagues, you break away from the routine, from the cliches of the long-ago discussed notions. You hear new things. You see how other people think. You make contact.


Others could move further, or they could stray aside. Who said that your path is the only one? It’s interesting to hear about things that others do and to adopt them.


It seems strange, but if you have made a human contact with your competitor you are more likely to receive help than to be denied. The thing is that when people communicate, they qualify everyone as either their friend or their enemy. Communication within the industry brings about a miracle: your competitors become your “friends”. When this happens, your “enemies” start helping you. And you are helping them.


One soldier does not make a battle. The scale of our industry is modest; serious projects require significant input of time and effort, as well as joint cost sharing. You can do more together!


Since 2014, we have held eight events of the Club — each event was a success and received a highly positive feedback from our colleagues.

We are happy that you liked it! Follow the news on the events to come!

Joint projects

The founders of the ATC/MTC are all members of the Industry Expert Council that developed and published the Translator’s Code of Ethics. We have other ideas, and we’ll surely bring them to life! But what is important is that the MTC will eagerly consider any project that is intended to facilitate the industry.

Just plain old communication

We would meet and talk with each other over the phone even without holding any events. We would simply visit each other, have tea and conversations. This is pleasant and interesting!