The tenth annual conference of Moscow Translation Club

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the anniversary conference of the Moscow Translation Club starting December 6, 2019 at the Mercure Paveletskaya hotel (downtown Moscow) at 9 a.m.


Event Program

Item No. Business track Process technology track Education track
1. 09.00 – 09.45
Participants registration, welcoming coffee break
2. 09.45 – 10.00
MTC greeting speech
3. 10:00 – 11:00

Plenary session
Esther Bond (Slator)
How Tech, Demand, and Capital are Shaping the Language Industry
Key language industry trends and themes from 2019 including M&A and funding, machine translation, NLP and more.
4. 11.00 – 11.30
Coffee break
5. 11.30–12.00
Eva Dolezalova (Memsource). What are the Memsource plans for technological future? What services are in demand of global customers today and will be in demand in the near future?
Smart solution: XTM Cloud takes it to the next level with TMS Artificial Intelligence and enhanced LQA based on Logrus Global Rigora
11.30 – 11.45
Nikolay Kulikov (AKM-West), Ilya Mishchenko (Literra). Opening presentation
6. 12.00–12.30
Konstantin Josseliani (Janus Worldwide). Development Strategies in the Digital Transformation Era
Natalia Rudinskaya (Janus Worldwide). New GTP Version 2.0 as an Assistant for Front-End Translation Departments
Evgenia Malenova (OmSU). University - Translator/Interpreter - Employer. The Bermuda Triangle
7. 12.30–13.00
Andrei Moiseev. Data 4.0 – Expanding Horizons and Changing Approaches to Localization
Nikita Tkachev (Yandex). Case of Using Customized Machine Translation for a Real Business Customer
Elena Aleksandrova (MAGU). How Do We Cut the Flow of Lower-Achieving Applicants and Unemployed Graduates?
Alexey Kozulyaev (RuFilms). Translator AVT Training System as the Pillar of Market Leadership for the Period Until 2030 – Major Trends for Translation Agencies and What Are Universities To Do in Connection Therewith?
8. 13.00 – 14.00
9. 14.00–14.30
Dmitriy Pavlov (Transeller), Julia Bitineva (Awatera). Modern Sales Trends
Leonid Glazychev. Logrus IT Language Quality Assurance Portal – Comprehensive Solution for Customers and Industry Colleagues
Liliya Nefedova (Chelyabinsk State University) Media Translation in Modern Information Environment
Maria Stepanova (Peter the Great SPbPU). Success in Cooperation: Advanced Training for Translation Teachers in Collaboration with the Industry
Anastasya Starovoitova-Intse (Pravo I Slovo). Management Combats
Sergey Gladkov (Logrus Global). Numerical Indicators of Significant Differences Between Human and Machine Translation
Fyodor Bonch-Osmolovsky (Levsha). Open Education Experience in the Field of Localization
10. 15.00–15.30
Elena Kosmatova, Tatiana Vinogradova (T-Service). The 35th Anniversary of Trados Solutions – A History of Continuous Development.
Tatiana Dubinina (MED.Solution). Digital Human Sciences and Translation: The Future Is Now
11. 15.30 – 16.00
Coffee break
12. 16.00–17.00
Konstantin Dranch. Managing Translation in 2020.
Mikhail Gilin (Translink). Editor vs Post-Editor — Common Features and Differences
Evgeniia Zababurina (Neotech). Training as the Main Factor in Attracting and Developing Employees
13. 17.00–17.20
Lala Rizaeva (AK Yort). ABC of Excellent Service or Service as a Selling Benefit
Natalia Ermakova (Kaspersky Lab) - Integration of DevOps and DocLocOps
Round table. Companies and Universities: What Do We Want from Each Other?

Experts: Ekaterina Pokholkova (Dean of Translation and Interpreting Faculty, MSLU), Olga Ivanova (President of UTR), Konstantin Josseliani (Janus Worldwide), Maxim Berendyaev (AKM-West), Olga Kladchikhina (Awatera)
Sergey Andreev (SmartCAT). How to Work with Self-Employed Professionals, Individual Entrepreneurs, Natural Persons and Foreign Translators in a Right Manner, while Doubling Your Savings.
14. 17.20–18.00
Round table on the issues of quality standards

Experts: Sergey Sant (Neotech), Serge Gladkoff (Logrus Global), Alena Idelchik (Janus Worldwide), Anna Zaytseva (Effectiff)
Elizaveta Ivanova (EGO Translating). Terminology Coverage – What Is It, Why Is It Important, and How Do We Increase It by Using the EGOTECH Platform for Russian and English Languages. Results of EGOTECH Platform Internal Implementation and TM Clearing Process.
15. 18.00 – 18.15
Merging the tracks
16. 18.15 – 18.30
Welcoming address by Heike Leinhaeuser (President of EUATC)
18.30 – 18.40
Welcoming address by Stanislav Bogdanov (UTIC)
18.40 – 19.00
MTC Award Ceremony
17. 19.00 – 19.30
18. after 19.30
Entertainment program


Early 6,000 - October 10 through November 10
Standard 8,000 - November 11 through November 30
Late 9,000 - December 1 through December 5
At the event 10,000

To book a hotel at special prices, use the promotional code МПК 10 when registering.

MTC-10 will be targeted at representatives of translation companies, customers of linguistic services, representatives of universities and translation community.

All participants have noted the high professional level of presentations at MTC-9. At the upcoming conference, we are expecting an equally topical program and speeches on the most pressing issues from our leading speakers and most prominent representatives of the translation community.

We shall consider the following topics at MTC-10:

  • Transformation of the translation industry
  • Demand for new services in the translation market
  • Implementing new technologies, including AI
  • Major development trends of the Russian translation services market
  • Management of external and internal staff
  • Growth strategies

This year, MTC will be held in the format of three tracks:

  • Business
  • Technology
  • Education

As we included issues related to education into a separate track, the organizers provide a discount for representatives from universities. The participation in the business program will cost them 5,000 rubles, and university teachers being members of the Association of Translation Teachers will be charged 4,500 rubles. For discount registry, you should apply for a promotional code to one of the education track coordinators – Ilya Mishchenko or Nikolay Kulikov.

Applications for speeches shall be accepted until October 18. If you have an interesting topic, the program committee will be pleased to consider it!

As for the keynote speaker, we can already announce an important, sensational event for our industry – the Director of Research of the Slator international consulting company is expected to speak at the MTC!

In addition to attending presentations at the MTC-10, you will have a unique opportunity to network with the leading representatives of the industry, and the New Year mood will be at full swing at Gala dinner and a sparkling entertainment program for everyone. After all, celebration and communication are exactly what we are getting together for on the New Year’s Eve!

Business program participants are entitled for a discount for dinner and entertainment.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the MTC anniversary conference!

MTC10 Sponsors are: Memsource, XTM International, T-Service (SDL Trados), memoQ, UTIC,, TOLMACH

Sponsors will be offered updated packages, which means an opportunity to present their developments to the target audience (i.e. executives and technology directors of companies), as well as an updated scheme of participation in the conference that includes a number of other advantages which can be found here:

MTC-10 Sponsorship Packages (EN) | MTC-10 Sponsorship Packages (DE)

Register for MTC-10

Mercure Paveletskaya Hotel (to book)


  • 1-person Classic room – 7 500 rub
  • 2-person Classic room – 8 500 rub

Rate per one room per day, with lunch, including VAT

Includes the following services:

  • Buffet lunch in the TownHouse restaurant
  • Free Wi-Fi access on hotel grounds
  • Fitness center access (gym, sauna, Turkish bath, lounge area)
  • Room safe and mini-fridge
  • Mineral drinking water (replaced every day)


Ibis Moscow Centre Bakhrushina Hotel (to book)


  • 1-person standard room – 5 500 rub
  • 2-person standard room – 6 100 rub
Dinner in the ibis Kitchen restaurant – 1 200 rub.

Rate per one room per day, with lunch, including VAT

Includes the following services:

  • Buffet lunch in the ibis Kitchen restaurant
  • Free Wi-Fi access on hotel grounds
  • Room safe and mini-fridge
  • Mineral drinking water (supplied upon checking in)